Walk on water? If you are not Jesus this will be the closest.

Transparent stand up paddle board

Jesus walked on water, so we won’t be giving you anything less. With our team of Transparente paddle surf, you’ll be a little bit closer to the New testament seeing the bottom of the sea, the Posidonia de Menorca, and the fish that inhabit it.

Menorca There are very few transparent paddle surfboards in the world, but we thought that Menorca and it’s beautiful seas deserved to be enjoyed in the best possible way. It’s a real treat. To avoid crowds and fights over the right spot in the beach for your towel, at Transparent Menorca we have thought that we will take you to enjoy the best coves and beaches of Menorca calm, from the sea, with the best views. Is not that much what to see in Menorca , but how to see it.

¡ATTENTION! To book with less than 12h in advance contact us via  Whatsapp here ←


2.3h - Show up 20 minutes before departure so we can explain everything to you.


The activity is carried out with a qualified guide in Spanish, and English (sometimes we dare with French).


Kayak & paddle rental.
Complete snorkeling equipment.
Guide in Spanish.
Cold drinks and snacks.
Photos Go Pro Hero10
security equipment

+4 years

Minimum age: 4 years (accompanied by an adult).

Low difficulty route

Low difficulty route - We’ve come to enjoy the views, not to overwork ourselves. If you’re used to carrying shopping bags then this one should be a breeze. It is not necessary to know how to paddle surf. We teach you all the basics.

You don't have to get wet

You don’t have to get wet if you don’t want to. Although we recommend a dip halfway.

Mandatory to know how to swim

It is compulsory to know how to swim.

The experience, step by step

(or paddle to paddle):

Even though we have two privileged points of departure from the best beaches in Menorca, we do rely on Poseidon and how he decides to wake up that day - basically, in what state the sea is. Therefore, we have two points of departure depending on the climate:


If we leave from Binibeca, we’ll do this from the ramp that is in front of Paupa Bar in Cala Torret: We’ll have a cheeky dip and enjoy the turquoise waters and white sand of Binibeca (where the iconic Bucaneros chiringuito can be found)

The meadows of Posidonia are the grass of the sea that move slowly with the tides. On our transparent paddle surfboard route we’ll get to enjoy this natural beauty at our feet and at Bufador de Binibeca, as we travel between el illot de Binibequer and the Punta des Ponts.

Houses in Binibeca


If we leave from Binisafua, close to Binibeca Vell: We’ll slowly make our way to Es Caló Blanc, where we’ll get to see the clearest of waters; this will be a unique way of enjoying one of the smallest beaches in Menorca and not from its famously uncomfortable rocks.

If they allow us and want to be seen, we’ll get to see seabreams and other fish in Ses Olles, which is what they call Caló Fondo. The water here is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Promise.

With our transparent Paddle Surf or transparent Stand Up Paddle experience you’ll be able to practice balance of the body (and of the mind) in the most idyllic setting with white sandy coves and natural swimming pools. It’ll be a good way to disconnect from routine and to connect with life where you’ll be able to take some good, fresh deep breaths. We say “be water, my friend” and in the Menorcan way: Be Aigu, my friend.

*We always take with us a GoPro HERO10, DIVEMASTER sea filters and a PolarPro FiftyFifty accessory (to take half-submerged photos). If you feel like taking a good photo in a unique experience (and on a very photogenic island, we are not going to deny it), we can take it for you and in style.