But who on earth had the idea of setting up something like Transparent Menorca?

The closest Pau had ever been to a Kayak before this adventure was watching Wicked Tuna from his sofa.

Raquel was one of those ones that would sit at the back so that she didn’t have to row very hard (she was possibly always the one cheating at foozeball)

Danion the other hand, knew from the beginning that doing routes with a Kayak andtransparent paddle surfs was a magnificent idea.

What could go wrong? Nothing of course. They got straight into making a simple idea, their life. The island of Menorca was the perfect setting for Transparent Menorca.. What happened after was pure magic.

And what about the transparent kayak? Is that like, a thing?

Who wouldn’t like to float with nature in Cales Coves? . Or who wouldn’t want to walk on water? We thought that Kayaks and transparent paddle surfs were the best way of transforming something normal into the extraordinary.

We were also once tourists in Menorca

Menorca is paradise on earth, and therefore it’s very normal that many tourists come to the island… After many trips, some of us actually stay. Some of us even begin to live here. In this time, some of us come to realise what life is really about.

Through peace, nature and the people that make up this amazing island, we understood that we had to do more than just enjoy it. We had to look after it, including it’s biosphere andit’s sunsets. . And of course the impact of tourism. That’s why we spent a long time thinking really hard about how to go about solving our own internal contradictions.

Enjoy consciously

We’re very aware of occupying an incredibly priviliged place with Transparent Menorca. It’s this awareness that’s making us understand our environment better and to know what our impact will be as we want people to leave the experience feeling like a part of the island. As they say in Menorca, it’s a gift to be able to enjoy life, aka “sa bona vida”

Doing it with transparency

Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993 and the biggest Marine Biosphere Reserve in the Meditarranean in 2019. It is a truly unique place which is threatened by climate change and by the general apocalypse.

Transparent Menorca was born to show visitors the importance of preserving natural spaces whilst also making unforgettable memories in Menorca. To be at one with our environment felt like a good way to bring awareness and empathy so that we could create a movement that was much bigger than just rowing. . .

Kayak and Paddlesurf routes

We can’t help it, sailing through crystal waters and through the landscape of Menorca is an easy way to get the Menorcan experience. . We’ll supply the information, the stories, we’ll enrich the routes with experiences, creativity and data around nature and conservation. We want to make something real, important and transformative (and fun, of course, we’re clearly no Cousteaus over here – with love)

with lots of love: Raquel, Dani & Pau